vendredi 24 novembre 2006

Farmhouse. Mandu.

Mandu is one of the most beautiful place I have seen in India. The landscape is simply amazing there, high up on a hill. Unfortunately when I was there , it was monsoon time, cold, raining all the time.
I stayed there a few days locked up in the fog. So, no landscape views, and this is too bad..
The town is a perfect exemple of Afghan architecture in India.. You can find something in Mandu you won't see anywhere else in India, huge baobabs, old ones.. Beautiful trees

This is a picture of a woman with a children in front of her house

Jewels. Omkareshwar

On the banks of the Godavari river in Omkareshwar

Feeding the Monkey. Omkareshwar

A pilgrim coming back from the temple.


mercredi 22 novembre 2006

Saddhus. Omkareshwar

Monsoon. Mandelshwar

Pilgrims.. Omkareshwar

Saddhus. Ujjain

Saddhus smoking ganja during a rain storm in Ujjain, monsoon time.
My presentation picture was taken when I was with them.

Puja. Ujjain

Puja. Ujjain

A puja in Ujjain during the Monsoon.

Laundry day. Kota

A pilgrim. Ujjain

Nandi. Omkareshwar

A woman making an offering to Nandi, the bull, Shiva's mount.

Monsoon. Mandu

Coming back from work under the rain in Mandu

Inside the Mosque. Mandu

Bath. Omkareshwar

Offerings. Ujjain

Women doing offerings on the banks of the river Shipra.
It is a very holy city for the Hindus, a site for the triennial Kumbh Mela.
According to Hindu scriptures, it was originally called Avantika. There is an interesting tale behind
the sanctity of the city.It's origin is ascribed to the mythological legend of Sagar Manthan (churning
of primordial ocean to discover the pot of nectar).
The story goes that after the nectar was discovered, there was a chase between the gods and demons
to have the nectar first and thus attain immortality. During this chase a drop of nectar spilled and fell
on Ujjain, thus making the city sacred.

Praying together. Omkareshwar

A group of friends who came down to the Narmada river in Omkareshwar to pray.

Puja. Omkareshwar

samedi 11 novembre 2006

Train waiting. Ujjain

Ceremonial by the river. Ujjain

Parade. Ujjain

A guru was coming to Ujjain. A big parade was taking place with plenty of pilgrims coming from all over


Beggers in front of their tents in Omkareshwar, a beautiful place.

Walking on the water. Ujjain

Saddu. Ujjain

Meditation. Omkareshwar

Puja. Omkareshwar

On the banks of the Saccred Godavari.

Jewels. Omkareshwar

Temples in Orchha.

Temples alongside the river.

Canon EOS 3 ,Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM ,Fujichrome Velvia

Puja. Omkareshwar

A saddhu. Omkareshwaar

A Saddhu crossing the foot bridge across the Narmada river, one of the sacred river of India,
going to the Island of Omkareswar. Shot during the monsoon season.

Puja on the Narmada River. Omkareshwar

The island comprises two lofty hills and is divided by a valley in such a way that it appears in the shape of the sacred Hindu symbol 'Om' from above. Between the precipitous hills of the Vindhya on the North and the Satpura on the South, the Narmada forms a deep silent pool which in former times was full of alligators and fish, so tame as to take grain from human hand.

Narmada . Omkareshwar

The confluent of the Narmada and the Kaveri river. Omkareshwar
Omkareshwar, the sacred island, shaped like the holiest of all Hindu symbols, 'Om', has drawn to it hundreds of generations of pilgrims. Here, at the confluence of the rivers Narmada and Godavari, the devout gather to kneel before the Jyotirlinga (one of the twelve throughout India) at the temple of Shri Omkar Mandhata. And here, as in so many of Madhya Pradesh's sacred shrines, the works of Nature complement those of man to provide a setting awe-inspiring in its magnificence.

Puja. Omkareshwar

A old man after his puja in the Sacred narmada.

Souvenirs. Omkareshwar

Some pilgrims buying religious souvenirs in omkareshwar,
A pilgrimage place on the banks of the sacred Narmada river.

Holy Cow. Omkareshwar

A woman giving away marshmallow to a holy cow in Omkareshwar

Temple Entrance. Omkareshwar